Company Information

Cherry Valley Farms Ltd was founded in 1958 by the late Sir Joseph Nickerson and was for many years the major company within the Nickerson Group.  During this time Cherry Valley Farms led the global development of the modern duck industry by the introduction of a genetic selection programme which, along with Management and husbandry techniques, were designed to improve quality and profitability.  Backed by decades of production experience throughout the world, Cherry Valley has become the acknowledged leader of primary pekin duck breeding and associated technologies.  The 'Cherry Valley' brand is recognised throughout the World for quality and and our stock for efficiency at all stages of the production process.  Recognition of these performance benefits, by producers and consumers alike, has made Cherry Valley the World's premier duck.

Cherry Valley has operational centres in:
• England - The World Centre of Pekin Duck Genetics
• China - The Home of 2.8 Billion Cherry Valley Ducks
• Germany - The Biggest Duck Market in Europe

Deliveries of high quality breeding stock are backed up with unique technical support from a highly experienced technical team which ensure that customers obtain the best results possible from their premier breeding stock.  With its unsurpassed breeder performance, superior food conversion ratio and excellent carcass quality the Cherry Valley duck is the most profitable pekin duck in the World and the choice of all major producers.






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